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  1. Come on, Lip & Amanda are kind of perfect together.


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  2. "She’s my best friend."

    "She’s my best friend."


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  4. It’s not just a place for crazed fans—it is a place to get to know people, get emotional support, and just talk about all things Shameless.


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  5. Alright Sheila, now we’re getting a little worried about 5.10. #shameless @sheilacalla

    Alright Sheila, now we’re getting a little worried about 5.10. #shameless @sheilacalla


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    Say that again, I’ll rip your tongue outta your head. = I miss you too.

    Hell’s he doing here? = Damn I really missed you.

    Fronted a bunch of coke before I went in. Time to collect. = I missed you even more this time.

    You need to call your family. = They missed you, but not as much as I did.

    We had no idea how much we needed this until right this very moment.


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  7. He smiled, as two arms wrapped around his upper body and a kiss was planted in the crook of his neck.


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  8. We Can Catch Up from vimeo02234 on Vimeo.

    Nominee for Performance Most Worthy of an Emmy

    Cameron Monaghan - “A Jailbird, Invalid…”

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  9. The more that one can look at all aspects of a character, whether they are a product of their environment or entirely unique to themselves, the more we can truly appreciate them as a whole.


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  10. Happy Milkovich Monday! “@jmacdakid #HappyLaborDay Goons!” #shameless

    Happy Milkovich Monday! “@jmacdakid #HappyLaborDay Goons!” #shameless


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  11. Shameless Season 4: It Was An Accident from vimeo02234 on Vimeo.


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  12. #Fandom

    An Urban Dictionary user defines “fandom” as: “A large group of unstable and emotional fans that devote half of their time in daily life loving the thing they are so dedicated to. Whether it’s the writers, the shippers, or the followers; they all emotionally go haywire over it as one.” I think this is pretty…

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  13. With Mickey the writers have created a gay character unlike any we’ve seen before. In doing so they have changed our collective understanding of the range of gay experience.


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  14. Carl from vimeo02234 on Vimeo.


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  15. Gas Station from vimeo02234 on Vimeo.

    Jeremy Allen White - Lip Gallagher

    Performance Most Worthy of an Emmy


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